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Erik Scull

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Web Development


A ten-year-plus career in web development has allowed me to hone skills in various areas, including:

  • HTML5/CSS3/JS front-end development and responsive design
  • Content management strategy and implementation
  • Development of web-based instructional material
  • XML data manipulation with XSL and Velocity transformation
  • PHP / MySQL scripting and web application development
  • .NET MVC / SQL Server web application development
  • Flash/Flex/ActionScript
  • and much more...

Highlighted Projects

Channel Strip Activity
Virtual Audio Channel Strip Activity


Note: Does not work in Internet Explorer. Developed to support my teaching of the distance course Digital Sound Design for Multimedia, this interactive "virtual channel strip" allows students to experiment with audio signal flow in real time. Leveraging the power of the Web Audio API, all controls are manipulating real audio in real time.

Public Policy Institute
IU Public Policy Institute Website

Project management, data schema definition, .NET MVC (C#/Razor) development

The PPI website consists of a large database of publications, projects, people, clients, etc. Blurring the line between content management system and back-end dataweb, this website presented unique challenges from both an administrative and technical perspective. Completed along with the talents of Tony Herring and Ed Hacker, brilliant .NET MVC developers at HELPnet.

Partners: TBH Creative (graphic design/layout, HTML/CSS/JS)

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology
IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology Website

Project management, HTML/CSS/JS, Cascade Server (WCMS) development, XML/XSLT/Velocity

The School of Engineering and Technology embarked on a comprehensive redesign of their website, bringing various departments and programs into one consistent content management system. Notable challenges include: course listing mechanism, faculty/staff profile management, and news/events management.

Partners: Westcomm (graphic design/layout, information architecture)

IU South Bend Campus Website

Project management, HTML/CSS/JS, Cascade Server (WCMS) development, XML/XSLT

As part of a rebranding and marketing alignment, the IUSB campus pulled some 250+ web accounts under one content management system. The CMS framework was created to be flexible enough to serve various layouts and content needs, while retaining a common look and feel.

Partners: IUSB Office of Communications and Marketing (graphic design/layout)

Oncourse Gateway
Oncourse Gateway


With thousands of visitors a day, the Oncourse Gateway is one of the highest volume webpages at IU. For the past several years, I have worked with the Oncourse Team to maintain the design and markup of the gateway, ensuring that the layout is properly implemented and content is updated.

Partners: Indiana University IT Communications Office (graphic design/layout)

IU Online
IU Online Website

Cascade Server (WCMS) development, XML/XSLT

Working in partnership with the IT Communications Office, I developed a WCMS template that allows for simple selection of color schemes for various site areas, with inherited icons and header text that can be overridden at various steps in the site hierarchy.

Partners: Indiana University IT Communications Office (graphic design/front-end markup)

Counter-Terrorism Simulation Live Video Dashboard
Counter-Terrorism Simulation Live Video Dashboard

Flex, Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Flash Media Server, XML/RSS

In 2009 and again in 2011, the McKinney School of Law at IUPUI ran a day-long simulation of terrorism events and responses. This dashboard provided a news feed (updated as mock events unfolded) as well as live camera stream switching, giving the participants a front-row seat as the responses unfolded in simulated locations around the world.

Partners: Vincent Cannon (graphic design/layout)

Musical Form Tutorials
Musical Form Tutorials


Created during my graduate assistantship with the Variations2 Project at the Indiana University School of Music, I still receive requests to use these Flash-based tutorials in music appreciation and introductory theory classes around the world.

Partners: Roberta Lindsey (faculty advisor)

Web developer

Web and multimedia developer with an emphasis on HTML5/CSS3/JS front-end techniques, content management strategy, and user experience.


Guitarist, pianist, and composer with over two decades of experience in music performance and audio production.



In addition to my web development work, I maintain a consistent performing and recording schedule as a guitarist/keyboardist in the Indianapolis area. A full time member of the Dane Clark Band, I have also performed with Donovan, Moby Grape, John Mellencamp, and many others.

As adjunct faculty at the Department of Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI, I teach the graduate course Digital Sound Design for Multimedia where students learn the tools and techniques of effective sound design for video, web, and other multimedia applications. Check out my Virtual Audio Channel Strip, developed to aid in the understanding of signal flow in traditional mixing situations.

Selected work

Looking for the Musical Form Tutorials?